When you are a business that has a lot of service to do and you need to get your business moving it can be difficult, especially when you have to wear every hat that the business needs. For most small business owners this means that marketing goes down to the bottom of the pile as something that will eventually get done.

Today, Internet presence is what is needed for most businesses and you must do this with some sort of effort. Whether you are a social networking or you are using professional social media to market your business, you will find that the Internet will play a major part in your marketing.Because of this and because you are probably too busy to do it yourself, you will need the professional services of a Virtual Marketing Assistant (VMA). This is an individual who is skilled in doing what you need done on the Internet.

There are probably thousands of VMAs who have the skills you need and they advertise them regularly. Some are in the beginning stages of their business but they may have expertise from other work.

A VMA can be particularly important when you have several projects to do at once. Here are some ways to work effectively with your VMA:

Define the Task

When you first start working with your VMA be very clear about what it is you want them to do. They are not mind readers and in order to get what you want you have to spell it out. Before you talk with your VMA make a list of all the things that you want done and that you are already doing. Be clear with yourself about which ones you want to delegate to someone else.

Define your way of working

As a small business owner you have a certain way of working that is only known to you. This information must be communicated to your VMA so that they can work with you instead of against you. The more they know the more the two of you will be able to work around your quirks.

Write what you want done in an email

Don’t expect that your VMA will know how to do something in the way you want it done. Write down in detail what it is that you expect to be done and when. Always give them a deadline so the two of you are on the same page.

Design a process for communication and working together

From the very beginning make sure that the two of you talk about working together and how that will look. Talk about the work flow and the way(s) in which you will communicate.

Let go of the work

Once you give your VMA an assignment you should be confident that they have the skills and expertise to do it. Ask your VMA for a regular update from them to resolve any control issues you have and then let them do their job.

Linda Belan
Your Outsource Solutions, LLC
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