5 Questions You Need To Answer Before Starting Facebook Ads

You have decided that you want to start promoting your business/product on Facebook by using Facebook Ads but you’re not sure where to start. Below are 5 questions you need to answer before starting your Facebook ad campaigns.

1/ What are you trying to accomplish for your business?
Before you start doing anything you need to understand what it is you want to achieve for your business. Do you want to get more visibility for your business, more visitors to your website, promote a product or get more business from Facebook ads?

2/ What is the goal of your Facebook Ad?
Do you want to boost your post, promote your page, drive people to your website, get views for your video, or get sign ups to your event?

3/ Who you are trying to reach?
Knowing who you are trying to reach will enable you to utilize Facebook’s advanced targeting features to drive more meaningful results from you ad. Some key targeting features include: location, interest and demographic. You can even choose to target your current fans or only those that are not your fans.

You can also take advantage of Facebook’s Custom Audience to target a list of email contacts you have that you want to reach on Facebook. You can even take it a step further and use Facebook’s Look Alike Audience to reach a list of people with similar interests as those on your list.

4/ What action do you want people to take?
This could be one of two groups of actions. Actions within Facebook include: clicks, post engagement, page likes, or video views. Actions outside of Facebook include: sign up for an event, sign up for a service, call or make a purchase. Once you identify what it is you want achieve, you can craft your ad to lead people to take that action.

5/ How much do you want to spend?
One of the most common misconceptions people have is that you need to spend a lot on Facebook Ads to get the results you want. Facebook can help you get the results you need on a budget that works for you. When starting out you might decide to limit your spend to $5-$10 per day or $50-$100 total spend. You can even get more targeted by choosing to advertise only at certain times of the day when you know your target audience is on Facebook the most.

Once you’ve answered the 5 questions above it will provide you with a good sense of what you need to make your first ad successful for you. Got questions, post them below and I’d be happy to help answer them.


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