Humans are social animals and they must be connected to other social animals in order for them to survive. In the real world they have families, friends and business associates that they connect to on a daily basis.

In the virtual world of the Internet, social media is the way that people get connected and stay connected on the Web. There are so many sites and they do so many different things that it can be difficult to figure out whether any of them will benefit your business.

This is where you might need the assistance of a Virtual Marketing Assistant (VMA). In the old days of the Internet it was thought that everyone wanted to be connected to an institution of some type. This meant that you were connected to the people on your job, your friends at college or your bridge club.

Marketing was done face to face with people who you knew who told someone about your work. That was the only type of marketing that was done because life wasn’t as complicated or technical as it is now.

Today, social media is taking people into bookmarked territory where they can take their friends or their contacts from place to place and keep them interested in their group. A VMA can help you find that group and sort through those pieces of social media that are right for you.

Because the Internet is immediate and we live in a society that expects immediate results, a VMA has the task of finding just the right media to connect you without getting you overloaded. Because they have expertise in this area, it is a very easy process for them. By yourself, it may take a longer time.

Your business will determine how you are connected and your VMA will work with you to help you decide which parts will be the most effective for you. When you hear words like Twitter and Flickr or LinkedIn you are probably asking yourself what you are supposed to do.

A skilled VMA knows exactly what you need to do with each one of these and how many of the connection tools will be the perfect fit for your business.

The way it works is you will submit your thoughts to them about what you need and they will give you a quote for the project. Once you have this information all you have to do is answer any questions they may have along with looking at their finished product.

When you work together you will find that your name is out and about on the web in ways that you probably would not have thought to do. The more information you give about your company, its customers and your target market, the better fit your VMA can make for you.

When you want your business to be competitive, you will want to use social media in a systematic way. You will find that a skilled VMA can save you time and money as they help you build your connections.

Linda Belan
Your Outsource Solutions, LLC
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