‘Tis the season to be jolly and to make sure that everyone around you is jolly as well! This is the best time of the year to make sure that you are showing all of your clients that you are thinking of them, not only as business contacts, but as people as well. There are some things to keep in mind, after all, you want to convey warm and human emotions, but you still want to keep the business aspect as well. 

Here are some things to keep in mind to allow you to send the right message to keep you in the forefront of your client’s minds without losing any respect points while you are it. 

Traditional Email Greetings vs. E-cards 
There is a lot to say about sending a warmly worded email to your clients but there is another option to consider as well: the e-card. The problem with the former is that it can come off sounding cold and impersonal while the latter may come off too cutesy or unprofessional. An email might be the best solution because 
a) you can control the exact contact 
b) you can customize it to look more festive than your usual email but not too festive. 
c) e-cards do not always load or open correctly. 

Careful with the Wording 
The business world is not just about the local marketplace anymore- clients do not just come from around the block or down the street anymore. This is now a global market place and you do not want to offend any of your business contacts or clients who may not have the same beliefs as you. To avoid offending anybody, consider using a more neutral message without referring to any particular holiday, religion or set of beliefs. 

Festive does not mean flashy or adorable 
You can write your bulk email with a little bit of a festive, less restrained font, but do not go overboard. A colorful background is a nice touch; however it may not open correctly in some email programs, losing all of the greeting’s impact. If you add a nice wintery scene at the bottom, that is fine, however do not opt for snowmen, Santa’s or anything else that might appear to be too cute instead of professional. 

What you hope to accomplish 
You want your email to give the client the sense that they matter to you, not only for the holiday but beyond as well. When they think of their needs in the coming year, you want them to remember your name first. Everything that you can do to keep your name in the minds of clients is well worth the effort. Set yourself apart from the crowd with a well worded and well thought out email that can increase your business standing with very little real effort on your part. 

Why not send real cards 
One of the biggest topics in the news these days is the environment. If you have been talking about being green in the previous year, you cannot blow all of your efforts by sending real cards. Stick to the emails to appeal to your clients as well as to stick with the green efforts.
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