Sometimes, despite your best efforts, things will go wrong. Fortunately, most challenges you'll face in creating and producing your teleseminars are relatively easy to fix. Here are some of the top problems you could run into, and how to recover:
Problem: Your registration numbers are low.
Solution: If your numbers are low, start a last-minute blitz through social media, related forums, and your blog. If your teleseminar is free, list three or four concrete skills or pieces of information your listeners will gain from participating. If you're charging for it, consider offering a “bring a friend” discount, or giving current registrants a rebate for anyone they refer.
Problem: You are a lousy interviewer.
Solution: If your interviewing skills are less than professional, you have a couple of options. One, you could be your own expert and skip the interviewing altogether. Two, you could practice to gain a higher comfort level. Three, you could ask your expert to take charge – you can simply introduce them, and then let them take over the call and serve as instructor. Four, you could ask someone else to do the interviewing for you. And five, you could open up the teleseminar line and let your listeners ask questions directly. Don't let your skills hold you back; get started and refine along the way.
Problem: Your teleseminar is over. Now what?
Solution: That's not actually a problem of course. Every teleseminar will end after about an hour or two. The question is what to do next. First of all, you should give yourself a pat on the back! You did it!
Take a bit of time to relax before you get back to work! Then follow up with your interviewee and thank him or her for their participation and provide a link to the recording. Email your list of participants and let them know if transcripts and recordings are available. Offer them more information related to the call, like a few highlights and key takeaways. Get them excited about putting the information they've learned to use. And then start planning your next teleseminar. You're an expert now!
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