Just a few short years ago, teleseminars would have been impossible or prohibitively expensive. But now, they are inexpensive and even free, depending on which service you use. In addition, you'll need a few additional tools to reach and connect with your market, especially if you plan to turn your teleseminars into streams of income. Here's a rundown of the key tools you should add to your arsenal:
  1. A way to capture your leads. The first thing you need is something called a “squeeze page,” which is a one-page website that invites visitors to provide their name and email address in exchange for access to your teleseminar. You need this squeeze page as it will allow you to build your list, which you can then use to send information to your subscribers, including information about any upcoming teleseminars.

    You can either set up a separate page or even website, or make the opt-in form part of an existing page. Either way, you will also need a place for the leads to go, which brings us to the next thing you'll need: an email management system.

  2. An email list management system. An email management system, usually referred to as an autoresponder system is an indispensable part of your online business. While there are various options available, you'd be wise to pick a reputable third-party autoresponder service such as Aweber, 1shoppingcart, or Constant Contact, or one of their branded versions. These services ensure great deliverability of your emails and will also insulate you from spam complaints, which could otherwise kill your budding business faster than you can say, "What the heck!"

    Any of these autoresponder services will allow you to create lists and send them emails. That way, you can send them your teleseminar information, as well as follow up with additional information after the call and of course invite them to your next calls. 

    An autoresponder gives you several options: you can set up a sequence of emails that will be sent out in pre-determined intervals after someone first opted into your system, or you can broadcast messages to all your subscribers (or all members of certain lists) at once. You can even schedule those broadcasts in ahead of time.

  3. A payment processor. If you plan to make money with your teleseminars, you'll need a way to take payments. There are a number of options, from PayPal to Clickbank to a shopping cart system like 1ShoppingCart. Which one is your best option depends on whether or not you're planning to offer affiliate commissions and what other products you want to sell.

    If you plan on building a business around your teleseminars, you should seriously consider 1shoppingcart as your autoresponder and shoppingcart option since it allows you to integrate your autoresponder function with a shoppingcart, and even an affiliate program. You can use it with PayPal or upgrade to their integrated merchant account service.

  4. A teleseminar service. Obviously, you will also need a teleseminar service. There are many free teleseminar services, such as freeconferencecall.com, freeconference.com, nocostconference.com, and freeconferencecalling.com. There are also paid services available, including the one that is the most popular among internet marketers: instantteleseminar.com

    Figure out which options you want – the number of callers, recording services, playback capability, reliability, and sound quality, ease of use, and availability and friendliness of customer service, and choose accordingly. You should also test any services you're considering to make sure they meet your needs. And don't forget to give them a trial run so you can discover their quirks as well as how user-friendly they are BEFORE your teleseminar. 

With just these options, you can create and run a fully automated teleseminar with a minimal outlay of upfront cash. Just remember that while there are indeed a number of free options, occasionally it's a good idea to invest a little bit to get a more robust, scalable, and dependable service. It also makes you look much more professional when your attendees are not greeted with something like "Welcome to freeconferencecalling.com" or whatever the name of your free service may be.
And if you play your cards right, you can actually get some of the best services for next to nothing — at least for a few weeks. Instantteleseminar.com offers a 3-week trial period for a dollar. And Kickstartcart.com, one of the branded versions of 1shoppingcart, offers you a 30-day trial for free, at least until you reach 50 subscribers. Of course, if you do your job well, you'll have to upgrade very quickly because you'll gather those 50 subscribers within days.
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