Why do people offer teleseminars? Sure, some of them want to get the word out about their causes, but most hosts know that teleseminars are a great way to make money, and some of them make a very nice living with their teleseminars. Here are just some of the ways you can make money with your teleseminar:
  1. Charge for registration. Charge people for access to your teleseminar. How much you can charge ranges from a few dollars to thousands of dollars; obviously, the higher the rate, the higher the perceived value needs to be. I would suggest that you keep the registration fees on the lower end of the scale when you first get started. It will give you a chance to prove your value to your market before you ask them to invest huge amounts of cash upfront.
  2. Charge for the transcripts and/or recordings. You can generate income by making the initial call free, and then creating an “upsell” and charging for the audio recording or the transcript of the call, preferably both. How much you can charge will depend on your market, the content, and the length of the teleseminar.

    Here's a special strategy: When people register, you can invite them to buy the recording/transcript at a pre-event special discount, and then raise the price after the call has taken place. This sort of pricing strategy provides an incentive to act "now."

  3. Sell your own products. You can also sell your own products either towards the end of the teleseminar or even after the call, in a follow-up email. Make sure those products are related to the call, useful, and targeted to your market.
  4. Sell an affiliate product. Don't have your own product, or want to expand your options? Offer your attendees a “special offer” on a related affiliate product, perhaps one created by your guest expert. Again, you can sell during the call or in a follow-up email. And for an even better conversion rate, offer a special bonus if they act quickly.
  5. Turn the contents of the call into an ebook or a special report. When you conduct a teleseminar, don't think that's the end of it! Transcribe it (or have someone else transcribe it) and turn it into a special report or an ebook. You may not even need to do much formatting if you hire a professional transcriptionist and tell him or her how to format it.
  6. Bundle your calls together. Think creatively about new ways to package and present your content. Take a series of related teleseminar calls and bundle the audios together into a larger product for sale to your market.
  7. Turn your calls into physical products. Of course you can also turn your calls into physical products. The audios will make fine CD sets and the transcriptions can be turned into physical books thanks to Amazon's new publishing options. Then again, you could also put the transcripts into binders, maybe along with action sheets, and command a much higher price as you sell your combined set as a home study course.
As you can see, there's plenty of money to be made, even if you don't charge an upfront fee for your teleseminar registration. And the best thing… you can use several of the above methods and turn your calls into multiple streams of income.
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