If you don't have a built-in list of thousands, you'll need to generate some publicity for your teleseminar if you want others outside of your immediate “world” to attend. Here are some ways you can start spreading the word:
  • Email your list. Even if you only have a few dozen subscribers, let them know what you have planned. Encourage them to invite their own friends and contacts.
  • Blog about it. Write a short interview with your guest expert or provide an introduction to the topic you'll be covering. You could even invite readers to submit questions, which will increase their involvement in your teleseminar.
  • Mention it on the various social media platforms where you're active. Tweet about it and post updates on Facebook, MySpace, and any other social media sites. Don't be afraid to mention it several times, and be sure to include a link to your sign-up page.
  • Create a short pre-interview audio or video and distribute it through YouTube, Viddler, Metacafe, or iTunes. Provide an overview of the topic, or share a sneak peek of what you'll be covering. And of course, be sure to link it to your sign-up page.
  • Post it on teleseminar announcement services, such as seminarannouncer.com, cculearning.com, or seeyouonthecall.com.
  • Post an announcement in the events sections of Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other social media communities you're a part of.
  • Include a short blurb with a link to your sign-up page in your signature on your favorite forums, and then step up your participation in relevant discussions. That way, you'll get the information right in front of your target audience. This strategy is especially effective with free teleseminars.
  • Ask your contacts to spread the news. Leverage your relationships with others in your space, and ask them to publicize your teleseminar.
  • Write a few articles and announce your teleseminar in your resource box. To avoid disappointment, make sure that the link leads to a page that will also offer access to the replay after the live event.
  • Ask your guest to mention the call in his or her newsletter, and to tweet or blog about it.
  • Mention it in your own newsletter. Don't assume your list will put your teleseminar on their calendar the first time they hear about it. Remind them a few times, especially on the day of the actual event!
  • Don't forget in-person promotions. If your teleseminar is related to parenting, tell your friends and fellow parents at your kids' schools. And why not ask your PTA if you can mention it in their newsletter. If your topic is personal finance, local accountants may be willing to mention it to their clients. They're often looking for valuable information to offer their mailing list. Think outside the box – and off the computer!
There are literally hundreds of ways you can promote your teleseminar. The more time you spend, the more buzz you can create. If you have limited time, just focus on a few key strategies, and get promoting. 
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