Virtual assisting is an industry that has partially grown out of the need for getting important jobs done but with less overhead. To that end, virtual assistants take on a number of roles for the online business owner as well as large corporate companies. But, as you strive to achieve business success, beware of burnout.

A virtual assistant has to wear many hats. He or she is not a secretary but a fellow business professional that has developed a skillset that is in demand by other business professionals. You may start off with a few services that you offer: database creation, newsletters, word processing, creating reports. But, depending on your background you will add other services to stay competitive and also to utilize what you know: website design, Internet research, article writing and submission, event planning and etcetera.

While you are building a client base, you are going to be quite busy. As most virtual assistants work out of their home, that means many hours spent in your home office getting the job done. You make your money based on the number of hours you bill and the quality of your work. Burnout can severely impact that quality. No one wants that.

So, if you have to start turning down work because there are not enough hours in the day, it’s time to take a different tack.

Stop Turning Down Money!
The only way to keep growing is to take on more clients, but you don’t have to do it all alone. Many VAs, especially women, find it hard to ask for help. After all, you are the consummate assistant who provides all the needs of your clients.

Why does the assistant need an assistant?
An assistant with an assistant is not redundant. One person can’t manage their family life and business life by themselves once the business side experiences a growth spurt. You want the best balance you can get between both worlds and that won’t happen without help.

Take a Page from Your Clients’ Books – Consider Outsourcing
As a virtual assistant you know all about that. You are an outsourcing professional. Tasks that don’t necessarily have to be done in-house are farmed out to you. This lowers the cost of employees for the company and also frees them up to do other things. The same goes for you and your VA business.

Outsourcing can relieve the pressure of missing deadlines. With even one other person you can do double the work in the same amount of time. With less to manage, your business can continue to grow. Think about it, wouldn’t it be nice to profit more without working yourself to the bone?