While good ole' paper and pen will create effective To-Do lists, there are more technological options available all the time. With all of these fantastic tools available, you might want to check out some of these options for turbo-charging your daily To-Dos:

1.    Remember the Milk (
With interfaces with Google Calendar and apps for Twitter, the iPhone and the Android, Remember the Milk is like a To-Do list on steroids. You can set up reminder messages to be sent to you via IM or email, you can share your tasks with others, and set priorities. Service is free.
2.    Basecamp (
Basecamp is on the list of many entrepreneurs' must-have tools. The online service provides task and project tracking, messaging, and file storage for multiple users. Basecamp may be more than you need for a daily to-do list, but check out the free trial. You may fall in love with its capabilities for tracking multiple lists across multiple projects and users. The basic service is $24 per month, with larger, more robust plans going up to $149/month.
3.    Ta-Da Lists (
If you just want basic list capability without a lot of bells and whistles, Ta-Da Lists is for you. You can create multiple lists, share them with others, and download them to your iPhone. Service is free.
4.    Rough Underbelly (
This To-Do list service has a unique way of tracking priorities. You assign a certain number of points to each task, and your daily score is tallied and tracked over time. There's also a timer function. No collaboration or sharing. Service is free.
5.    Toodledo (
Want to assign priorities, tags, and deadlines, set goals, create folders, and collaborate with others? Toodledo may be just the answer for you. A robust list function where you can store all your lists and notes together. Service is free.
6.    Mindomo (
If you prefer to create mindmaps before assigning tasks to lists, check out Mindomo. You can create maps, embed notes, and work online and off. The basic version includes 7 maps and is free; upgrades are available for $6/month for an individual and $9/month for a team.
There are literally dozens of tools available to help you track your projects and activities. Don't get blinded by the glitz of the technology, though – the best tool is always the one that is easy to use and available when you need it.