During the holiday season it is important to take some time out for personal and business reflection. One of the most important things to review is your business performance. Reviewing your marketing strategies from the ending year can help you keep your business on track in the coming year. Knowing what worked and what did not can keep you from repeating errors and can help you to revise plans as you go. Marketing strategies change from product to product as well as change from the time of the year. What works to sell items in the spring may seem strange in the winter months. 

Marketing strategies that worked 
Starting with the positive, make a list of the best marketing strategies that you used already. Were any of them seasonal in nature or tied to a calendar event? Can they be recreated in some way? Look at the reason that the strategies worked in the first place: who did they appeal to? Are you expanding your target audience with your main products or are you still working with the same group of demographics that you have always had? If you have expanded, will any of the marketing strategies still work for the newer group? 

Marketing strategies that did not work 
In addition to listing those strategies that did work, you have to list those that did not. Again, you have to consider your key demographic and whether or not the strategy would work for an expanded audience or not. For instance, a negative marketing strategy might actually work for a different group of people. If you are seeking to expand, do not throw all of your past ideas out because they might work in different situations. Remember, a negative is only a negative if you do not use it as a learning experience. Everything that you learn about your business has value, even if you have learned it because it did not work for you correctly. 

A time of reflection 
The holidays are not just the end of the year after all. They are also meant as a time of reflection of what has gone before and the time to think of the coming year. Why else would people spend hours writing New Year’s resolutions? We all write goals related to our weight, our bad habits and other issues. Why wouldn’t a business owner take the time to make goals and resolutions of a professional nature as well? 

While the end of the year is a very busy time, professionally and personally, there are always quiet moments that will allow you to reflect on your accomplishments in the previous year as well as to set the goals that will help keep you on the positive train for the coming year. Learning what worked and what did not can help you as you seek to expand your business and the client base that it serves. 

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