Twitter is a social media networking site that is causing a twitter all over the Internet. You probably must have come across this networking tool with a logo of a cute bird. Yep, that’s Twitter for you, and appropriately named so. This social media site is useful for those looking to keep up with their friends, but can be a great place for those in business who want to ‘stay in the know’.

There are various reasons to use Twitter or send a Tweet, but here we will discuss ten reasons that you should Tweet.

  1. It is a great place to set up meetings with your business acquaintances. You can send those Tweet messages straight to their laptops or even cell phones. Twitters are known for giving their friends ‘on the spot’ Tweets or quick messages using this social media.

  2. Great way to report to others who aren’t in attendance of your event. You can keep co workers up to date, minute by minute on the happenings of that seminar. You can report to those not able to attend, the most prevalent activities of the event.

  3. You can meet people with your same interests and likes. You can meet your next friend or simply join others in online groups. There are so many groups that maintain their connections through Twitter, there are social, political, and literary groups.

  4. Your business can grow and learn from your instant customer interaction. You can create a Twitter account with your business name. Post frequently to those who follow you and receive you your clients interaction immediately, aiding in product development.

  5. Grow a network, creating great business to business relationships. Networking is the heart of most organizations and even yours can benefit from networking online. You can meet those who might have the ability to take your business to the next level.

  6. Lead your followers to your site, gaining more website traffic. Within the messages of your tweets, you can give out your url and generate traffic to your website. You can tweet them and place a quick url within the message, leading to your site.

  7. If you find someone on, who services you may need, hire them. Each profile has the details for that person or even for a company. You can give them your details within the tweet and begin interviewing.

  8. As your followers list grows, you will be in their list and get exposure as people will add you too. The more people you add, the more people will add you, meaning they will have to take a quick peek at your profile reading your information hopefully generating more interest in your product or services.

  9. Read up and learn some great news. You can follow news tweets from some of the major news reporting organizations through Twitter. You can follow those industry specific news groups as well or industry leaders according to your field.

  10. Send out product updates to clients or those who can become customers, giving the scoop on what your company is up to. If you have a new release or version of your product, it will be your followers on that want to know that will spread the word, increasing interest and sales.

Obviously, there are other benefits to joining and creating a great following on Twitter. Being a twitter, may help you learn more about your industry. How valuable would it be to have one of the leaders of your field as a Twitter friend?

While social media marketing sites are great tools to use for your business, you need to spend ample time updating and getting updated. If you have a virtual marketing assistant, you can have them sign you up and maintain your Twitter following. Your virtual marketing assistant, can keep up with ongoing conversations with your followers. They can make sure your followers are lead to your website and answer their questions. If you don’t have time to tweet, hire a virtual marketing assistant to do your tweeting for you.

Linda Belan
Your Outsource Solutions, LLC
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