Newsletters are an effective and neccessary business tool no entrepreneur can afford to pass up. It is a great way to stay in touch with existing and prospective clients. Communicating through newsletters regularly help you to build a relationship with your readers.

By sharing your knowledge and experience through your weekly or monthly communications, your readers with grow to know you better and discover your areas of knowledge and expertise, and as a result you become the ‘go-to’ expert for them when they need help and advice.

Some of the things you should remember when starting a newsletter:1.Personalize

Build connections by telling your story, sharing your picture and letting your readers know who you are. People buy from people they know and trust. Give real-life stories of problems you have solved for clients. Recommend your favorite products and resources. Link them to your Web site, where readers can purchase them.

2. Engage

Ask for your readers’ stories, questions, and opinions, and feature a reader response in every newsletter. Offer a reward or prize for the reader whose response is chosen. Ask a trivia question pertaining to your industry. The first correct response receives a prize.

3. Target

Point out your expertise by targeting the top three areas that you want readers to come to you for, and develop content for those areas. Use “Top Five” or “Top 10″ lists to keep your newsletter concise and fun to read. Put your best tip at the top to keep readers’ attention.

4. Offer

Describe your latest product or event.

Offer a special discount for the first 10 readers to respond.

Offer a referral bonus.

Use testimonials to illustrate the benefits of your product or event.

5. List

Keep a notebook handy to jot down questions from readers. Note when you get repeat questions, and answer them in your newsletter. If you keep hearing the same six questions, you have six months of topics ready to go.

Jot down any ideas you get from articles about industry trends, conferences, workshops, magazines, other newsletters, TV shows, shopping, or your latest girls’ lunch out. Novel, exciting ideas for newsletter content can come from anywhere.

Hope I’ve given you some ideas to go out and start your very own newsletter! Go ahead, try it and you’ll discover how easy it is to do and effective the results can be for your business!

Linda Belan
Your Outsource Solutions, LLC
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