Flickr allows you to easily upload photos that you can share publicly or just with friends or family. All you need is a free Yahoo account and you can use this service.

Step 1: Go to to sign up
Click the “Create Your Account” button as shown below.


You will be redirected to Yahoo to sign in with your Yahoo account. If you don’t have one, you’ll be able to create one there.
Assuming you have an account, enter your username, password and click “Sign In”.
Once you’re logged in, you’ll be asked to create a screen name. Enter a name of your choosing and click “CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT”.
Once you’re logged in, you have a few options. Let’s begin by personalizing your profile.
Step 2: Personalize Your Profile
Click “Personalize your profile” and you’ll see a few options. We’re going to start by changing the “buddy icon”. Just click “Browse” and choose the photo you want as your icon…aka avatar.
Click “UPLOAD” when you’re done.
Next you can “Choose your customr Flickr URL”. Enter a name that you’d like and is easy-to-remember, so your friends can find it.
Once you’ve clicked “PREVIEW”, review the following screen:
If you’re happy with it, click “OK, LOCK IT IN AND CONTINUE”. You’ll then automatically be taken to personalize your profile. You can add whatever information you’d like and skip whatever you’d like.
Click “NEXT” when you’re done.
You’ll then be taken to a screen where you can start uploading your photos.
Step 3: Upload Photos
Once your profile has been updated, you’ll see this screen. Click “Upload your first photos”.
You’ll then see a screen that shows the upload steps. Click “Choose photos and videos”.

Once you click that, you’ll be able to choose the photos from your hard drive. You can choose multiple photos by left clicking your mouse and holding down the “Ctrl” key at the same time. Click “Open” once you’ve selected your photo(s).
You’ll then see a screen that looks like the one below. You can choose to delete any files and choose your privacy settings. In this case, the setting is to allow anyone in the public to see the photos. Once you’ve chosen your settings, click “Upload Photos and Videos”.
Once the photos have loaded (it may take a while), you’ll see a link that says:
Click it if you want to add a description.
If you click it, on the next screen, you can add a description and tags for your photos to make them searchable. Click “SAVE” when you’re done.
That’s it. Then your photos have been added to your photostream and you can edit them anytime.
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