Article marketing is great. I'm not going to deny that. But, have you looked at lately? It's a beast! I don't know anyone these days who goes there to find content to publish on their sites. Do you? I sure don't. It's just way too massive, and, frankly, some of the articles on there are disturbing.

Yes, posting your articles at is great for getting incoming links to tell the search engines that your site is important. And, yes, you can get traffic to your articles by posting there. But, as far as getting your articles republished by big ezines and blogs? Either you've got to be sending people there to find your articles (which I certainly wouldn't advise doing because of the high level of distractibility on their site) or you've got to have one of the top articles in a category.

The only time I go to the article directories to find articles to publish is if I'm specifically looking for reprint articles by someone. But most of us don't have the name to have people searching specifically for us — yet.

I'd like to present you with three alternatives today to help you to get your articles directly in front of potential customers.

1. Include your reprint articles on your own site and invite your readers to publish them with your bio.
Who better to spread the word about you and your products and services than your fans? You can see how Nicole Dean does this at She does it again at her help desk so that anyone wishing to contact her can find her content and spread it virally. Pretty tricky, eh?

2. Give Your Articles to your Affiliates and Others Looking for Money-Making Expert Content.
First of all, make sure you're adding at least some of your articles to your own affiliate center for your affiliates to publish on their websites.

3. Guest Blog at Hot Blogs in Your Niche.
Instead of submitting your articles at the article directories and hoping they get in front of your audience, why not place them directly in front of the people who you're trying to reach? You can accomplish this by guest blogging on relevant blogs. Simply contact those blog owners and offer them your original expert content. If you make your content and your offer good enough, they'll surely say "yes".

No matter whether you choose the options above or stick with standard article marketing, the important thing is to do some content marketing every single day if you want to continue to move ahead. Now get writing! 

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