Word of mouth marketing (sometimes called referral biz) is still the best possible form of getting new clients. Any prospect who has been referred to you by someone else, is already halfway sold on your offer, and it makes doing business just so much easier.
That said here are a few easy strategies you can implement to get people to tell others all about how much you rock.
Make use of viral emails. From time to time you probably get great jokes and inspirational emails in your mailbox. You know – the kind of stuff that gets spread around very quickly, and sent to many friends at a time. Business owners get them, too, and even read some of them as well. (Breaks up the boredom of a slow day!)
So, what you do is this:
Exchange Facebook "likes". You probably already have a Facebook page for your services by now. Try and find other business owners and non-profit organizations in your area, and ask them to exchange "likes" with you.
For them, it is free advertising, and it is no skin off their backs (unless of course it is a competing company, where you would observe a conflict of interests). You can even offer to exchange "featured business" spots on your pages. Depending on the pages you are able to exchange with, you could get huge exposure.   
Offer a discount in return for a referral. How you structure the pricing is entirely up to you, but make it worthwhile for your clients to refer you to their friends and associates.
Once again, just keep your eyes open. Soon, you will be able to see more and more opportunities to use word of mouth marketing to your advantage – all without having to lift a pinky finger.
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