First, keep in mind that in order to teach someone else something – you just need to know something that he or she does not know. And when it comes to your business, you probably know a great deal more than anyone who might attend your class or seminar anyway.
Remember that the average business owner is, well busy… managing their own lives and businesses. That means he or she has little time or inclination to acquire new skills, the very skills you yourself may possess already.
Things to Remember:
The classes or seminars don’t have to be some spectacular “show”. Obviously you want the experience to be enjoyable and informative but it doesn’t have to be complicated or hard. It’s as simple as sharing your knowledge with those who need it. As an expert in your field (when compared to the rest of the crowd) you will be able to speak with authority and credibility, knowing full well what works and what does not.
The classes or seminars don’t have to be incredibly long or last a whole day. It could even be as short as an hour or two. Just long enough to convey the possibilities of what your services could do for them, and how it could help their own business exponentially, as well as provide a few nuggets of value they can use right away.
The real power in any event lies in how you market it. Your choice of words when writing your ads and how well you distribute them will determine how many people turn up on your big day. 
Be sure to include not only the date, but the time as well, and exactly where it will be held in all of your adverts. If it is in an easily accessible, well known location, and at a sensible time, you will definitely seduce more folks into showing up than if you hold it in some obscure location no one can find. When you market an event with a lack of specifics it simply causes many potential visitors to dismiss the ad, and move on.
Always, always present yourself professionally. While most of the audience might accept that you are a "geek", they are also professional people themselves, who expect to be treated as such. Remember that they have to buy into you as a person before they will buy into anything else you offer them, so you need to look like you know what the heck you’re doing!
No event can be found without spreading the word about it. You can advertise on community boards, at your local business forum, in the local newspaper, and in Facebook groups created around your area. Depending on the area, you might even find groups for local business owners already created on Facebook that you can tap into. Additionally, you can take the time to send personal invitations to specific business owners – either via Facebook or via email.
And finally- speak human! Do not try to baffle them with words and expressions they are unfamiliar with. Business owners respond to fact and figures, not fancy lingo. If you lose them because they don’t understand what you’re talking about, you’ve now become someone they are unable to relate to. Therefore why should they bother doing business with you?
This method is great for landing new clients and can be relatively easily implemented with a bit of elbow grease on your part. All you need is a bit of motivation.
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