This method can net some big rewards if you sponsor the right sort of exhibition and you have a bit of cash to invest. What happens is that when you sponsor an event, you are in essence donating money to help that event come to fruition.
In return you are rewarded with liberal mentions, liberal branding opportunities, and liberal moments to raise awareness about your business and the services you provide.
Some Benefits to Sponsoring
Besides giving you the ability to expose your brand and services to a large body of people that very well could be movers and shakers of the business industry, sponsoring also allows you to interact directly with your market and establish a face to face relationship quickly and easily. 
This is because sponsors will often be given their own space and table at an event, with the ability to hand out samples of products or discounts for services, etc.
As a sponsor you might:
  • Be included in any adverts that are run in local newspapers.
  • Be included in any online advertising, including social media marketing.
  • Be included on the event website.
  • Be included in any print media that is distributed either locally or nationally.
  • Be included in email promotions and more.
Finding Events to Sponsor
In order to reap the most benefit from a sponsorship you want to be sure that you are sponsoring the right sort of event that the folks you want to work with frequent. So you need to craft a picture in your mind of your perfect client, what sort of events they might gravitate towards, the areas they live in, etc. From there you can assess whether an event might be a good opportunity for you to sponsor or not.
Possible types of events to sponsor might include big sports events, music festivals, concerts, street fairs, local fairs, business conferences, seminars, theatre events, church events, and more. The key is to look for events that have the potential for the most impact on your business and don’t go around sponsoring things you don’t really believe in. Insincerity is very easy to spot and lending your name to something that you don’t believe in can discredit you in the eyes of someone who could very well be your next big client.
You want business owners to see you playing an active role in the community and sponsoring good causes. This goes a long way towards establishing trust and from there it’s just a hop, skip and a jump from doing business together as well as to getting them to refer you to their friends. 
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