Land new clients by offering f++ree stuff and discounted services.
Everyone enjoys getting something for f++ree, or even just cheaper – even if he or she does not really need the money, most people still appreciate the concept, and like the idea. As such, you should never underestimate the power of "f++ree". J
How to Do It
1. Offer something useful – like f++ree software. There are loads of places on the web where you can search among open source software and freeware stuff. In many cases, you will find small, simple but useful utilities lying around – stuff like software for reminders, desktop search utilities, file conversion utilities, graphics software and even bookkeeping software. You can compile a load of these utilities on a CD – without having to worry about any copyright infringement – and use it to add value to your offer.
You can offer your f++reebie disc to be added to welcome packs for business meetings and seminars among your local business owners, and reach the right prospects in an instant.
2. Offer an additional service without charging for it which holds value to the client – like following up with prospects. If your business is online marketing, you already know that it is as simple as setting up a short auto-responder series, which will make you more money anyway. To the prospect, however, it will probably (depending on the person of course) come across as something great. You can even add your own ad onto the footer of the outgoing emails – as long as it does not pose any conflict with the interests of the client. Whether that ad is for your own products and services or for an affiliate’s product or service is at your discretion.
3. Discounts – discounts always go down well, since any business owner makes a habit of cutting down on unnecessary expenses. It could be a discount for a short period of time, or for all existing clients who add another project, or for all existing clients who refer new ones to you. If it is a general discount promotion, you could submit the discount coupon to local consumer information centers, as well as to coupon sites on the Internet. In fact, advertise it by any means available that will not be visible or cause confusion after the offer has expired. That could get a little hairy. In other words, don't go giving out pens offering a discount for June if those pens will still be around by June the following year!
At the end of the day, there are numerous opportunities available to offer extra value to prospects with little to no cost for you. Just see what is available for f++ree on the web by searching for "open source software", and then make a list of all your skills, searching for value add-on's you can offer with your service.
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