It may sound simple but staying on your toes and continually looking for opportunities to network and make new connections is an invaluable skill when it comes to landing new clients.
People do business with people and the more people you know the more opportunities there will be that will arise for you to work together and do business together.
Strive to Always Be Kind
It can be tough sometimes to always be “on” especially when you’re having a bad day and you just want to get your groceries already and get home. But the lady you decided to be rude to behind you could have paid your bills for the next six months with the potential work she had to offer, had you only took a moment to smile, say hello and strike up a conversation.
We all have bad days, but try and leave them at home when you’re out and about. Take a look around you at the rest of the world and look for ways you can help others or make a difference in their life somehow. Obviously you don’t want to go around helping people just for an opportunity to pitch them on your product or service, but offering genuine help to someone in need does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.
Think of it like this. That lady whose tire you stopped to change yesterday could be the CEO of a mid-sized company looking for just the type of product or service you offer. Because you stopped to help her, you made an impact on her life, established a rapport with her, and opened up the possibilities of working together on her next project. Now she’d like your phone number, so she can touch base with you in two weeks when she decides to move forward on that project!
Constantly being open to new opportunities, actively seeking out new relationships with new people, looking at every excursion as chance to network and possibly grow your client base is a sign of an entrepreneur actively seeking success. Now does this mean you have to make yourself crazy and try to talk to every single person you come into contact with? Not quite, unless of course you want to!
But it does mean you need to begin stretching yourself a little and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone a bit. Talk to the people you come into contact with and interact with the world around you. Help someone in need or simply smile kindly at the gentleman behind you in the grocery aisle. You never know where, how or when you’ll meet your next big client and what sort of work they might decide to throw your way!
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