Among all the strategies you can use to promote your list, providing useful information that your target audience wants is the best thing you can do. Quality content will grow your list FAST as your readers pass your information on to others, and tell your friends about your expertise.  
Quality content attracts readers and subscribers almost on its own. You won't have to work as hard or promote near as much if every message you send to your list contains quality content your readers crave.
For example, if your target audience is dog lovers, providing them with fresh and original tips to help them best enjoy and care for their canine friends will bring in subscribers quicker than you can say, "Fido"!
You could include articles and information on:
• How to care for dogs
• What to feed specific breeds to keep them healthy
• Training a dog not to jump
• Teaching new dogs old tricks
• Choosing the right breed for individual lifestyles
• Dealing with grief in the loss of a beloved pet
• Where to go on a dog-friendly vacation
• Anything else related to your topic.
These are the kind of articles that your target audience scours the Internet for. Giving it to them will create loyal subscribers who can't wait until the next issue arrives in their inbox, and who tell everyone they know to sign up for your mailing list.
Think of your personal reading habits. Most everyone who is online has subscribed to a mailing list or two in a topic that interests them. You probably have as well. Are you still subscribed? Why? If you unsubscribed, what made you leave?
We sometimes say it's because we don't have time to read, but if the truth be told, we stay subscribed to the lists we really value—even if we don't have time to read every single issue. So what's the REAL reason you left?
Tired articles? Nothing new or original? Same old stuff you see online everywhere else? Probably.
And your subscribers will be the same way.
But if you offer quality content that meets the need of your most targeted subscriber, you can bet your bottom dollar that subscriber will stick with you.
So, how do you ensure the content you're providing is what your readers want? By conducting a little research and see what's popular in your niche arena.
For instance, looking at dog lovers again, what books are dog lovers reading right now? What products are they buying? What movies are they watching? Visit dog lovers' forums online and see what they're talking about. Chat with your friends and family who have dogs and find out what they would like to read. All of these things can offer clues as to the kind of content your subscribers would like.
Keep on top of current trends in your niche market so you can beat your competition with the breadth and depth of your knowledge. While they're serving up the same tired articles about the dangers of puppy mills, you're telling your readers about the latest research in flea collars and how to raise a vegetarian dog.
Once you know the topics, then it's just a matter of writing some informative messages that provide that content in an easy-to-read, conversational style that lets your personality show through.
Providing quality content will always be the best way to grow your mailing list. It's what people are looking for when they subscribe, and it's what will keep them coming back for more, and telling others about your list, after they do.
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