Even in the busiest times of the year, even for the busiest business, there are some quiet moments that can allow you to sit and reflect. During these quiet moments, you should take stock of the previous year and consider what you are planning for the coming year. Whether you consider the twelve months that have just gone by as the best your business has seen in a long time or as a rebuilding year, you should think of things to do, to either continue your growth or to kick it back into high gear. 

Start with a list
When you have a quiet moment to do so, make a list of the positive and negative aspects and events of the previous year. There is nothing too small to go on the list. Start with January and then move forward, month by month. For everything that is on the positive side, think of several things that you can do to continue them. For the negatives, list ways to turn them into positives or to eliminate them altogether. For instance, if you have had problems with the same vendor repeatedly, it is time to investigate a new resource.

Make a new list
The new list will be one with five or more goals for the coming year. You are only limited by your own dreams. Think of the business people who you have always admired; did any of them settle for small dreams or little goals? Of course they did not- so neither should you!

While you should dream big for your business, you should not take that to mean that you should set yourself up for failure. The goals that you have should be big, but still attainable or you might find yourself discouraged.

Remember those who have got you where you are
The holidays are typically a time for people to be thankful for their friends and family. Business owners should also use this time to be thankful for the employees, clients and vendors that have helped them be successful in the previous year and for the years to come. If you can afford to give holiday bonuses, do so, but never mention this to anyone, until you have crunched the numbers. The only thing worse than not getting a holiday bonus is thinking that you are getting one when you are not. Send a card to your clients and your vendors as well as to all of your employees because you would not have the success if it were not for them.

Think of the needs of your customers
In addition to your vendors and your employees, you owe your success to your customers. During your reflection, think of the items or products that you sell that do well and the ones that have slowing or dead numbers and find ways to increase your sales in the coming year. Reward the loyalty of your customers in the coming year so that they will continue to be loyal customers for this and many years beyond. 

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