Not all e-commerce shopping carts are the same; and choosing one can be a bit tricky. Since this is one of the most important decisions you have to make as an online merchant, you have to make sure that you roll on the perfect shopping cart suited for your needs and the needs of your potential costumers. To successfully find the perfect one, doing some deep research is a great help.

When comparing different shopping cart vendors, consider the following:

Features vs. Business Scale

Wish list, registry, site search, real-time inventory, payment options, express checkout, product reviews, order tracking, website security, and order tracking: these are just a number of features that may be included when purchasing a shopping cart. If you are not careful enough, these features may define your choice for a shopping cart vendor. Instead of allowing yourself to be hypnotized with all these attractive options, ask yourself this question: Do I really need all these things?î

It may seem very basic that you should decide according to your needs but there are certain instances where you simply become an impulsive buyer.

Deciding whether or not such feature is important requires understanding on the needs of your business. The decision should depend on the size of your business, quantity of products you sell and budget.

Price vs. Budget

Speaking of budget, the next thing you should consider is how much you can afford. Before setting a budget, try to browse first the websites of different shopping cart vendors. This will give you an idea how much such service will cost. Take note that the prices depend on the features included in shopping carts.

Once you have set your budget, stick to it.

Ease of Use vs. Looks

Most buyers are more impatient when purchasing items online than when they buy on shops and stalls. This is quite ironic since all they need to do is to move their mouse pointer to the right direction click on the products they want to buy and wait for the shipment to come; instead of visiting a shop and spending time browsing different products and dealing with (sometimes annoying) sales representatives. But this is the fact you have to consider. Buy from a vendor with easy to use shopping cart. Looking for a vendor with user-friendly features should be easy as most shopping cart providers offer an easy to use feature. Similarly, it is a plus if the shopping cart looks good but this is really not your main priority.

If possible, you need to have a shopping cart that is easy to use and at the same time, a shopping cart that looks good and can add to the appeal of your website. But if you have to choose one, going for ease of use is a wiser option.

The key here is research. Do not settle for two or three vendors. Search as many websites as you can. Read reviews and testimonials. Read articles about shopping carts. Join forums if possible. The more websites you visit; the more information you can gather that is important when deciding what features to take, how much money to throw, and what type of e-commerce shopping cart to buy. But remember: do not purchase anything that you cannot afford and do not buy something you cannot use.

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