With the amount of websites that have been hacked recently I thought I would do some research on a backup system for my WordPress business website and blog.

Since I use WordPress as blogvault-logothe framework for my website, it is at a higher risk of being targeted by hackers. Due to WordPress ease of use and popularity hackers tend to like to target sites running on the WordPress platform.

I currently backup my WordPress site, but it’s not the entire website. Just the SQL database that contains my blog posts. Should my website get hacked I would, at a minimum, not lose all the hard work I put into my blog posts. I would still need to re-create the design and layout of my site.

I decided to see if there is a plugin or service that would allow me to backup my entire site: layout, images, plugins, SQL database that contains my posts, etc. It would be an added bonus if this plugin or service would also enable me to re-install my website at the click of a button either on my current domain or duplicate it to a new domain name and/or web hosting service.

I found such a service in Blogvault and at a VERY affordable price. They are also quick to respond to emails and questions. You can find out more about their service and pricing on Blogvault’s website.

Once you sign up for their free 7-day trial and have an account, you can either install the plugin through the dashboard of your account or you can download the plugin right from the dashboard and do a manual install by logging into your WordPress site.

Just remember when signing up for your account that you put the url to the domain you will be installing the plugin to as this will ensure that once the plugin has been installed and activated on your website the initial backup will automatically begin.

After the initial backup has been completed of your entire site, your site will automatically be backed up every 4 hours of any new changes that have occurred since the last backup.

Blogvault also has quick links on the dashboard that will allow you to :

  • Install the Blogvault WordPress plugin
  • Download a backup file of your website
  • Test restore of your website
  • Do a backup without waiting for the next scheduled backup
  • View a 30-day history of your backups
  • Migrate your site to a new domain or web hosting service
  • Remove your website from your Blogvault account

Blogvault will maintain multiple copies of your website in highly secure offsite locations. Should their servers have issues in one location, you can rest assured that you will still be able to continue to backup, restore and migrate your site from another location if you need to do so.

Blogvault offers 4 plans:

  • Basic – $9.00 per month to backup 1 website
  • Plus – $19.00 per month to backup 3 websites
  • Pro – $39.00 per month to backup 7 websites
  • VIP – $99.00 per month to backup 20 websites

You can upgrade or downgrade at any time from your account dashboard and you can also cancel at any time with no commitments. At this time Blogvault only accepts payments through PayPal.

If you also have a backup system in place for your WordPress website, we would love to hear how it’s working for you as would our readers!