It’s tempting, during recessionary times, to look on marketing as a cost center and try to find ways to reduce expenses. By all means rationalize your marketing expenses and cut the waste. But remember always that your business exists only because of the market and if that is ignored, your company has no reason to exist. Before going on to look at how to market during a recession, there are two important issues to be kept in mind.

This is when your customers get restless and look for cheaper options than buying from you. You need to keep your marketing effort going to make sure that does not happen. Read more

Depending on how old you are, this could be your first real economic slowdown. But whether it’s your first or third, this is the worst we have seen in 70 years. Sure, we will get through it and will come out stronger. But does that mean that it will not happen again. Not at all. This time we brought it on ourselves and we may have learned our lesson. But it’s a global economy the next recession may be triggered by something that happens far away in India or China.

The smart business owner will be looking at ways to recession proof his business. It’s not easy but if you follow these 6 tips, you can make your business recession proof as possible. Read more