The experts all insist that you write a business plan when you are starting out, one that defines the goals of your company and discusses the step by steps that will be taken to ensure its success. However, the business plan can also be used to reorganize an established business as well. If your company has started to falter, your last meeting erupted in tears and shouting or you have started to see a huge decline in productivity it is time to grab the business plan and get things back in order.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
The old environmental adage can be applied to business organization as well.
  • Reduce: get rid of departments that you do not need or can outsource to cheaper sources.
  • Reuse: allow the employees that remain onsite to fulfill two or more tasks as long as they are still accomplishing both well.
  • Recycle: make sure that all employee concerns are being taken care of but that there is running dialogue between each department to address these concerns. For instance: a problem in the HR department that could become a problem for other departments should be mentioned in a meeting of department heads so that everyone is aware and knows how it was handled in the past and how well it worked.

Streamlining the Work Force
While working on your new and improved business plan, it is vitally important to consider where you can streamline operations by using outsourcing. For instance, you can move all of your customer service positions to virtual networks and telecommuting employees to save a bundle in overhead costs. Most people are thrilled to be offered the chance to work from home because it is cheaper in a number of ways. Not only will they stop having to pay for the commute everyday but they typically will not have child care costs, sick days and other expenses to deal with.

Decide what is Important
During your planning, you should write the names of each of the existing departments on a sheet of paper. Starting with the one that is most important to your company’s success, number them. Start looking at the bottom five and decide if you truly need to have them at all. Look at how many people are in each department. If the last in importance has the most employees, you really need a restructuring. If there are only one or two people in each of these five departments look at how closely related their job duties are and evaluate whether you can combine them in one department or if all of these employees are still necessary.

Redefine Your Goals
In your original business plan, you wrote your goals. Did you meet them? If you did not, were you far off? Do you understand or know why you did not meet these goals? Restate your goals, making new ones in your new business plan. This time you will have a better sense of what works and what does not and you should not only meet the goals that you set for yourself but exceed them.