If you want to get noticed by someone on their blog, ask them a question – publicly.
Sneaky? Perhaps, but it works – if done the right way.
While this is a method that I've seen started on mom blogs, I haven't seen it take root much elsewhere.
So, what IS a cross blog conversation? It's just what it sounds like.
Blogger 1:
  •  Writes a blog post on his own blog to initiate the conversation.
  •  Then asks a question of Blogger #2.
Blogger 2: 
  •  Writes a blog post on her own blog that links to question #1
  •  Answers the question.
  •  Then asks a question of blogger #1.
Blogger 1:
  •  Writes a blog post on her own blog that links to question #2
  •  Answers the question.
  • Then asks a question of blogger #2.
It can go on as long as you want.
The advantages of this kind of traffic method are:
  • Links from a relevant, authority blog.
  • It's fun and easy to generate content because you're simply responding to your friend.
  • You're being “called out” so it's hard to put it off without feeling like a dolt.
The drawbacks of this kind of traffic method are:
  • You're being “called out” publicly. 😉
  • You may not like the question that is asked of you.
So, how do you get started?
1. Make a List of Bloggers that You'd like to Connect With.
Blogs should be at least a year old and updated at least fairly regularly. You'll also want them to have a Google Page Rank of at least 2 (unless you personally know the person and it's a new blog).

2. Contact Two of the Blog Owners to See if They'd Be Interested in Participating.
If you know the blog owners, this is the polite thing to do. 

Of course, if you want to go guerilla marketing, you can post and hope the other person feels obligated to respond. However, I wouldn't recommend it unless you were pretty confident that the other person will respond favorably.

3. If the Blog Owner Agrees, then Post First.
Do the honor of posting first, to make it easier on the blog owner to reciprocate.

4. Continue the Cross Blog Conversation as Long as It is Fun and Feels Natural.

Other tips:

  • Be sure to promote the blog posts to keep your partner motivated to continue.
  • Keep an eye on the comments that are being posted on both blogs and connect with those readers.
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