Social media is a way in which customers can interact with the human aspect of all of their very favorite brands.  They can get to know the names behind the products, and ask questions about the things they intend to buy.  However, you may have a fantastic product to sell and are just not a very social person or you do not have the time to engage in social media for your customers’ benefit.  Many may wonder if it is appropriate to hire a professional to interact with customers on a social networking forum for you, such as Twitter or FaceBook. Read more

Outsourcing jobs to a virtual assistant is a great way for busy business owners to get many small tasks accomplished at once.  A virtual assistant can do anything from reading and replying to customer service emails and placing orders for clients to setting up appointments and answering phones from a remote location.  However, if you are not careful, there can be some major pitfalls.  Here are some of the most important mistakes to avoid when outsourcing to a virtual assistant. Read more

LinkedIn is a social networking site that can allow users to interact socially with their customers on a more personal level.  Social networking in general and LinkedIn in particular are wonderful forums for business owners to increase sales.  Here are some reasons why learning how to use LinkedIn for your business can be important for your sales. Read more

If you are running an email marketing campaign, you will find that often plain text is not enough.  Customers pay very little attention to printed words on a page, but if you can incorporate images into your campaign, you will find that you get a much better response. Videos produce better results that simple images.  This article can show you how to use video in email marketing campaigns in a variety of different ways. Read more