Once a business has established a blog or website the representative responsible for its maintenance, will usually hear one question over and over again. Everyone from the CEO or owner to the receptionist wants to know how many visitors are coming in everyday? This question of how popular the blog is haunts every business, because how else can they know the value of the blog.

Learning to read the site’s stats can seem like a job unto itself, but one of the largest search engines has made it a little easier not only to read the stats, but improve on them as well. Google Analytics can show you who all are coming to your site and how to reach out and find even more potential visitors. Read more

In the world of blogging a keyword is a valuable thing to know. The definition of a ‘keyword’ is a word or phrase that is entered into a search engine by a large number of Internet users.  If a blogger for a company is aware of these keywords, then these keywords can be added to the blog, and to the blog’s search tags, so that when visitors ask for these words the blog pops up.

Keywords have been a mystery to many bloggers, up until one of the largest search engines made the analysis of them much easier to grasp. Google Analytics has an easy to understand and follow mechanism for finding keywords and understanding their potential to drive more traffic to your site and keep visitors coming back. Read more

The change in marketing – The new shift in marketing did not come from advertisers, it was generated by the consumers themselves.  The public no longer waits passively for information about products and services to come to them. This is a generation where time sensitivity is a premium and when it comes to deciding where or when to buy, they want more of a commitment from the seller than ever before. Consumers today, demand a willingness on the part of the advertiser to do more than simply try to sell them something.  They want not only truthful and valid information on a product, they want to be able to ask questions, have a dialog, and sometimes even help direct how a product or service can be changed to better work for consumers. Read more