The days of dismissing the practice of blogging as the hobby of computer geeks or teenagers is truly over.  When looking for information, more and more people are turning exclusively to the Internet to find what they need. The reason of course is simply the ease and convenience of performing an information search and the portable nature of the tools they can use.

In this generation of handheld devices, a potential customer can search the Internet for a business need, check several blogs for the necessary facts and make a decision on which to choose from, all while waiting in the car to pick up their dry cleaning.  It is becoming critical to a business to use a blog to market itself. Read more

One of the most important tasks for an online business owner is keeping track of client invoicing. Once invoiced, who paid and who is outstanding. Freshbooks not only does all this but it also allows for us to receive payment using PayPal.

We can also, at a quick glance, see how much we’ve earned month to month which an excellent way to track growth! If you would like to find out more about Freshbooks and what it has to offer, click here.