Twitter is a social media networking site that is causing a twitter all over the Internet. You probably must have come across this networking tool with a logo of a cute bird. Yep, that’s Twitter for you, and appropriately named so. This social media site is useful for those looking to keep up with their friends, but can be a great place for those in business who want to ‘stay in the know’.

There are various reasons to use Twitter or send a Tweet, but here we will discuss ten reasons that you should Tweet.

  1. It is a great place to set up meetings with your business acquaintances. You can send those Tweet messages straight to their laptops or even cell phones. Twitters are known for giving their friends ‘on the spot’ Tweets or quick messages using this social media.

  2. Great way to report to others who aren’t in attendance of your event. You can keep co workers up to date, minute by minute on the happenings of that seminar. You can report to those not able to attend, the most prevalent activities of the event. Read more

It’s tempting, during recessionary times, to look on marketing as a cost center and try to find ways to reduce expenses. By all means rationalize your marketing expenses and cut the waste. But remember always that your business exists only because of the market and if that is ignored, your company has no reason to exist. Before going on to look at how to market during a recession, there are two important issues to be kept in mind.

This is when your customers get restless and look for cheaper options than buying from you. You need to keep your marketing effort going to make sure that does not happen. Read more

When the economy is in the shape it is in, everyone looks at finding ways to save money. It’s a proven fact that when the economy is good, expenditure expands to use resources – that’s when you buy a fancy laptop even if the old one is fine.

When the economy is bad expenditure contracts to fit available resources – you get your bashed up old mobile phone repaired instead of buying a new one. Now all this is pretty obvious but lets look at some time tested methods of saving money, not just for now but even after the economy picks up – maybe you could then buy a new laptop and a phone.

  • You need insurance, but how much do you need? It’s easy to get carried away when flush with cash and over insure yourself. Reexamine your insurance needs and bring down the premiums. Read more